I think my main problem is that there really isn’t a variety of famous Asians, blacks, Native Americans, [essentially minorities] for my generation to look up to. I mean… Most of the Asians move away to Asia or they try to make it big on youtube but they’re never seen on the big screens or on TV. 

Yes yes yes. A million times yes to the very last paragraph of this man’s interview.

A haunting tale of what occurred and so many feels when reading through this but I absolutely agree with the last statement.

As much as I love Japan, I do believe it’s time for the Government and the country as a whole to acknowledge what happened in the past and try to make amends with them. I’m so tired of seeing and hearing on the Japanese news that about all the horrors that are being done to them. You cannot play the victim forever. ):

But this man’s story… I cannot even begin to imagine.